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Recruitment Leads

The recruitment leads are people interested in the legal sales business.

The recruitment leads are generated primarily for the associates who want to recruit new associates in there team.

How we generate recruitment leads?

The recruitment or opportunity leads are generated directly through our ad campaigns we run on Google and other search engines.

Our ads inform prospects that it's a legal sales opportunity.

The lead generation process:

  • 1. We show prospects our ads that inform them about legal sales opportunities and also tell them that it requires a small investment.
  • 2. When a prospect clicks on our ads, ad redirects to capture page that again educate them about the advantages of legal sales business and its long term financial gains.
  • 3. If they are interested, they submit their details, and at the same time, we send prospect information to you and show them your name and phone number or redirect the prospect to your LegalShield website..

Lead info includes

  • Prospect name and contact details.
  • Best time to call prospect.
  • How much time prospect can spend each week on business.

You only receive prospects who have expressed interest in legal sales business opportunity and want to be contacted by a legal sales associate with more information.

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US: Recruitment leads (monthly recurring)

US: Recruitment leads (monthly recurring)
Subscribe and save on monthly auto charges.

Recruit prospects showing interest in the legal sales business.

Real-time website redirection enabled.


How it works?

  • Pay full charge for 1st month only.
  • Save 6% from 2nd month onwards. You will be auto charged 6% less starting from the 2nd month.
  • Distribution of leads does not comprise the whole month; we deliver your leads asap, depending upon the "leads limit per day" you set on the "Extra Settings" page.

Note: This offer is only valid until your order is active.


You can pause/unpause leads of order anytime. It does not affect order subscription. You can manage subscriptions on the "Manage Subscription" page.

$8.49 for the first month, then $7.98 for each month Per Lead

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