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Our recruitment leads consist of individuals who have a genuine interest in the legal sales business.

These leads are primarily generated to support associates aiming to expand their teams by recruiting new members.

So, How do we generate these valuable recruitment leads? Read more...

The recruitment or opportunity leads are the direct result of our meticulously designed ad campaigns, which we run on popular platforms like Google.

Our advertisements convey the exciting prospect of legal sales opportunities.

Here's a glimpse of our lead generation process:

  • 1. Informative Ads: We begin by showcasing informative ads that introduce prospects to the world of legal sales opportunities. We emphasize the low investment required.
  • 2. Captivating Capture Pages: When a prospect clicks on our ads, they are directed to a dedicated capture page. Here, we continue to educate them about the benefits of the legal sales business, highlighting its long-term financial rewards.
  • 3. Lead Submission: If a prospect finds the opportunity appealing, they can submit their details. Simultaneously, we share this information with you, providing access to the prospect's name and contact details. We also indicate the best times to reach out and the amount of time the prospect can dedicate to the business each week.

Lead info includes (for web leads) :

  • Prospect name and contact details.
  • Best time to call prospect.
  • How much time prospect can spend each week on business.

Lead info includes (for phone leads):

  • We facilitate direct calls to your number and send email notifications.

It's important to note that you only receive prospects who have expressed a genuine interest in legal sales opportunities and have indicated their willingness to be contacted by a legal sales associate for further information.

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Recruitment Leads.

No Contract, Pay As You Go.

Real-time recruitment leads generation, especially for Associates.

We specialize in real-time recruitment lead generation, with a primary focus on assisting Associates in expanding their teams through the recruitment of new associates.

Our leads represent individuals who are actively conducting research on home-based businesses. They are genuinely exploring the potential of legal sales opportunities, standing on the cusp of informed decisions about their involvement in the legal sales business.

Hence real-time hot leads are focused on getting conversions.

How Do We Qualify Recruitment Leads?

Carefully evaluating recruitment leads to ensure only qualified leads transferred to you:

  • Assert the prospect understands it's a home-based business, not a job.
  • We confirm that the lead like to invest in the business.
  • The candidate is 18 years old or above.
  • The best time to call, lead weekly time, weekly earning requirement, etc., are a few more factors to analyze the lead and provide you with the best-quality leads.

Real-time redirection of leads to your official website.

Recruitment Lead Sample

Following is the format of the lead you receive:

  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Doe
  • Email: Johndoe@gmail.com
  • Phone: 555-555-5555
  • State: NY
  • I understand it's a home-based business? yes
  • I want to earn more than $4k monthly
  • Yes, I can invest $100
  • I can spend full-time EACH WEEK.
  • Please call me in Afternoon.
  • 18yrs or above? yes-adult
You can select licensed and non-licensed states on extra settings page after login.
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USA Leads

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Apply Lead Filtration (Optional)

Define your ideal lead criteria

How much does the prospect intend to invest in the business?
Note: The investment amount chosen by the lead may vary during your conversation with them.
How much time is a lead willing to commit to a home-based business?

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Outstanding customer service. I really appreciate the quick response from Bobby. I am very satisfied so far. Keep up the good work!!


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Many sales reps make the mistake of calling during lunch hours. It turns out that most people are not receptive of a sales call when they are on their break, so call in the late afternoon.


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