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About Us

Salesexpert.me is a wholly owned website of Bharat Sharma Consultancy, LLC.

Salesexpert is a team of some of the best Google Ads experts, digital marketing champs, and technical enthusiasts working together in the lead generation industry since 2008.

Salesexpert.me sells leads to various businesses, including law firms, lawyers, LegalShield legal sales associates, MLM business associates, and Real estate.

We have a long list of Google campaigns that have been generating leads for a long time, especially legal leads. In addition, we create custom campaigns on demand.

So far, we generated more than 5 million leads and counting. Through Salesexpert.me, we came to the forefront of generating quality leads for associates and lawyers.

We are generating leads for various businesses and individuals and even for other lead-generating companies in the US, Canada, Singapore, and India.