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About Us

Problem-solving laid the founding stone of salesexpert.me.

The founder Bharat Sharma, a computer engineer, the coder preferred as a problem solver while working for IT companies.
Nicknamed "Drujo," the Drupal and Joomla CMS champ was hired by a legal lead generation company in 2009 to solve lead generation and distribution issues; since then, he has been helping associates to generate leads.

While working for the lead generation company (by the way, it was one of the earliest companies selling leads to LegalShield associates founded by an associate), Bharat identified that the associates were facing various problems, and one of the central pain points was lead quality.

The bitter truth

Bharat realized that Associates were receiving legal leads, but leads were not converting as expected because most companies acted as traders; they bought leads from third parties and sold them to associates.

Hence no control over the quality of leads.

The conversion rate was 10-12%, demoralizing associates to buy leads.
However, as a problem solver, Bharat focused on solving conversion rate crises for associates and founded salesexpert.me in 2016 with one goal, "Be a problem solver for associates."

As a first solution, salesexpert.me formed informational websites to inform/educate the public about legal plans.
It was a breakthrough for associates; they don't need to reinvent the wheel whenever they talk with a lead because leads already understand much about legal plans and its cost.

Thanks to all of you

With the help and trust of associates, salesexpert.me becomes a part of associates' success stories.
Seeing our clients regularly achieving monthly targets, moving to director levels, qualifying PCQ, and winning vacations like Maui and Puerto Vallarta is always great.

Salesexpert.me, came to the forefront of generating quality leads for associates and lawyers. So far, generated more than 5 million leads and counting.

Since 2016 Salesexpert.me has introduced various legal plan leads dedicated to LegalShield associates like Small business legal plan leads, CDLP, Identity theft, and recruitment leads.

Salesexpert.me became a team of some of the best Google Ads experts, digital marketing champs, and technical enthusiasts working together in the lead generation industry especially leads for associates and lawyers.

Bharat Sharma Consultancy, LLC wholly owns Salesexpert.me.

We generate leads for various businesses and individuals and even for other lead-generating companies in the US, Canada, Singapore, and India.