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Get Landlord/Tenant Leads Highly Interested in Legal Services.

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These are real-time requests for Landlord/Tenant legal help. Prospects are currently active online, seeking legal help, researching legal services, and considering lawyer help asap.

How Do We Qualify Landlord/Tenant Leads?

Pre-screening Questions

Our campaigns primarily focused on the following criteria:

  • Who is the complaint owner or the tenant?
  • Type of agreement between them?
  • Also, we ask about issues in their case like unpaid rent, unsatisfactory environment, failed maintenance, and more which gives a high-quality result.

Further, you still have the freedom to apply your custom lead filtration criteria. Contact us at contact@salesexpert.me.

Landlord/Tenant Lead Sample.

Following is the format of lead you receive:

  • Name: John
  • Last Name: Doe
  • Email: Johndoe@gmail.com
  • Phone: 555-555-5555
  • Issue: Landlord/Tenant Dispute
  • Zip: 10001
  • State: NY
  • hat is the issue in your case? :Breach of a lease provision
  • You are a landlord or a tenant? :Landlord
  • What type of rental agreement do you have? :A written contract with a year term

We Are Not Lead Aggregators.

In-House Lead Gen.

We are not Lead Aggregators who have purchased and resold leads to you.

On the contrary, we have generated legal leads for over a decade through well-known reputed sources like Google Adwords.

Hence we have the upper hand in quality control.

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