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Replacement Policy respects our customers and take quality and quantity very seriously. If ordered leads are not delivered to you in the period specified on your subscription type. We will refund you money of undelivered leads in the next ten days.

Our Replacement Policy is applicable in the following cases:-

1. Incorrect Phone: If you are not able to connect with the leads over phone. We consider it as an INVALID LEAD once we verify it is an incorrect phone number.

2. Fake Enquiry: The moment you approached on given leads and you get a response like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I haven’t enquired’. We consider it as an INVALID LEAD after verification.

3. Spam Content: If the content of provided lead is gibberish, spam.

4. Any mention of free, probono text in summary.

Cases In Which Replacement Policy Is Inapplicable:

If The Leads Are Genuine: If the provided leads are genuine, phone number is correct and people are properly responding. In such cases, you are not eligible for the replacement.

We do not consider one to one lead replacement requests. As you know, not all leads can be converted to sales and also depends upon the various factors out of our control like sales executive selling skills; hence a replacement request depends on the quality rate of the batch of the last ten leads you receive. Hence while analyzing your replacement request, we consider a set of last ten leads as a replacement factor.


Once we receive your Replacement request, we verify lead details, if approved we will initiate replacement for your lead within 1-5 working days.

The lead replacement will be processed to the same order/plan from which the replacement request was made.


Requests for replacement must be made within five days.

On your account backend, Under the "My Leads" section, a "replace" button is given with a list of leads.

Select a reason to submit replacement requests and click the submit button. The "replace" button text is then changed to "pending" or "approved" if request approved or "cancelled" if a request is cancelled.

Your orders (except promotional orders) come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you want to cancel your order for any reason. Requests for refund must be made within five days of purchase, and the number of leads sent to that order should be zero.

If you have any questions regarding our refund/replacement policies, You can mail us at