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Replacement Policy

Salesexpert.me respects our customers and takes quality and quantity very seriously.

We offer a ten-day window for requesting a replacement lead, starting from the moment of lead delivery and recurring every 24 hours. Our top priority is your satisfaction with your purchase, so if you need a replacement for any reason, please inform us within this timeframe. We are always available to assist you.

Our replacement policy is applicable in the following cases:-

Already have/found lawyer.
Already have legalshield membership.
Do not speak english.
Duplicate lead.
Gibberish/spam content.
Issue resolved without lawyer.
Lead denies contacting anyone for legal help.
Lead only looking advice for friend.
No Money/want free legal aid.
No response, tried to call/text/email many times.
Person already incarcerated.
Phone out of service/non working or wrong number.
Prospect thought its a free service.
State not on my selected list.
Voicemail box is full/No Response.
Wrong category.
Wrong details.
Kindly make sure that a valid explanation for your selected replacement reasons is provided.

Lead replacement initiation time:

In order to initiate the lead replacement process, we kindly request that you provide a valid reasoning or explanation for your selected replacement reasons. This information will help us better understand your specific needs and ensure an appropriate replacement is provided.

Rest assured that our dedicated lead replacement department is committed to reaching out to your invalid leads through various channels such as calls, emails, texts, or WhatsApp messages. Their main objective is to confirm the status of the leads and grant credit for each replacement approved. However, instead of simply offering a credit, we strive to go the extra mile by ensuring that you receive a new lead as a suitable replacement.

Cases in which replacement policy is not applicable:

If the provided lead is genuine: the phone number is correct, and prospect respond correctly.
Missed call/went to voicemail (if live call lead)

How to claim replacement?

To request a replacement for leads on your account backend, you must do so within ten days.

STEP #1: Simply navigate to the "My Leads" section and click on the "replace" button next to the lead you wish to replace.

STEP #2: Choose a reason for the replacement request and submit it by clicking the submit button.

The "replace" button will change to "pending" or "approved" upon approval of the request, or "canceled" if the request is canceled.

Your orders (except promotional orders) come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you want to cancel your order for any reason. Entire order refund requests must be made within five days of purchase, and the number of leads sent to that order should be zero.

Our ultimate goal is to promptly address any concerns you may have and provide you with high-quality leads that align with your specific business requirements. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this process.

If you have any questions regarding our refund/replacement policies, You can email us at contact@salesexpert.me.