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Legal leads
Dedicated legal categories. Perfect questionnaire to generate qualified legal leads for lawyers and law firms.
Legal plan leads
Dedicated effort on lead generation for LegalShield associates by actively engaging individuals and businesses that have expressed an interest in legal plans.
Recruitment leads
It's not just recruitment leads; it's legal sales recruitment leads. Talk to prospects, showing interest in the legal sales business opportunity.
Hot live calls
Live calls from leads asking about legal plans, and legal sales opportunities.
Webpage promotion
Specially made for PPLSI associates.
Other leads
Business promotion, marketing, business loan etc.

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Features to Support Your Growth

Real-Time Delivery

Delivery of good leads within seconds.

Only Exclusive Leads

One to one approach. No resale, No duplicates.

Quality Control

Prospect data enhanced with correct details.

Lead Management System

Manage your leads easily.


Instant sms and email alerts about leads.

Auto Responder

Set fully customizable Auto-responding email.

Control Lead Flow

Pause leads anytime. Set per day limits.

Communicate Quickly

Contact prospects directly from the backend.

Add Notes

Pen down important notes with each lead.

Lead Tracking

Whenever prospect open or click your emails.

Follow up and Reminders

Send followup emails and SMS. Create reminders.

Phone Verification

Phone number verified by OTP and IVR.

Easy Replacement

Replace bad leads easily and quickly.

Have Questions?

Let's do our best to answer your most frequently asked questions.


The membership leads are generated primarily for the associates. Membership leads are those prospects who showed interest in legal plans and wish to talk with a legal rep asap.


How do we generate membership leads?

The membership leads are generated directly through the paid ad campaigns we show on google and other search engines.

They are mainly for associates because our ads already inform prospects that the legal service is a monthly paid service, and a legal rep is helping them to enroll in a legal plan.

We also educate them a bit about legal plans advantages through our capture websites.


You should submit a lead replacement request within ten days.

STEP 1: Under the "My Leads" section, a "replace" button given with each lead will help you place a replacement request.

You can also see the leads list for a particular order through the "Order History" page.

Lead replacement button

STEP 2: Click on the Replace button, select a reason to submit replacement requests, and click the submit button.

The "replace" button text is then changed to "pending" or "approved" if request approved or "canceled" if a replacement request is canceled.

Your orders (except promotional orders) come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you want to cancel your order for any reason.

Entire order refund requests must be made within five days of purchase, and the number of leads sent to that order should be zero.

If you have any questions regarding our refund/replacement policies, You can mail us at contact@salesexpert.me.


No, there is no need to create any website or capture page to get leads. Instead, pay for the number of leads you want, and leads will start coming to your inbox and phone text.


States selection is essential to receive leads. Please follow the steps given below to select states in your account.

STEP 1: Make sure you are logged in. To log in, click here

STEP 2: Go to the "Extra Settings" page and select the states.

How to select states?

STEP 3: Look for the section that says, "Choose states in which you want leads."

Select the states and click on the "Save" button.

How to select states?


To order leads,

Step 1. Login to the website or if you have already logged in then go to the product listing page.  https://salesexpert.me/member/cart.

             Note: If you are not registered on the website, Please signup first. https://salesexpert.me/member/signup/cart

Step 2. On the product listing page, you can browse the type of lead you want.

             To search a lead category, either uses the search box or the tags given on the right side of the screen.

how to order leads

Step 3. Add the lead quantity.

How to order leads

Step 4. Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Click on add to cart button

Step 5. A pop will appear on click of "Add to cart."

Click on the "View Cart" button to go to the Cart page.

Pop up showing invoice details


Step 6. On cart page, you have the option to get discount, update lead quantity and make payment.

How to order leads


Our paid ads are created and curated by experienced Google Ads marketers. Google Ads is the #1 place to generate leads according to the target audience hence the quality of leads we generate is much better than the leads generated through other sources, paid or free.

We run many campaigns for lawyers, law firms, legal sales associates, network marketing companies, and other businesses.

Talking about ads we run especially for legal sales associates to generate membership leads and recruitment leads, Our ads inform prospects that the legal service is a monthly paid service. A legal rep will contact candidates to help them enrol in a legal plan. We also educate them a bit about legal plans advantages through our capture websites.

The same way we do for recruitment leads generation.

In the case of lead generation for lawyers and law firms, Our ads specifically inform them that be ready to get a call from the law firm or lawyer's office. We ask prospects do they have at least $xxx( a ballpark amount, depending upon the type of legal issue ) money to pay for legal service. We also ask prospects legal issue-related questions to collect their case details.


Avail bonus fund every time you load funds using the "add fund" feature.

Following are the steps to know how to add funds?:

Step 1: Select the amount you want to load.

Select the funding amount

Step 2: You will be redirected to the checkout page to make a payment.

Select the funding amount

Step 3: Once the checkout process complete, your account balance is increased by the total amount you paid + the bonus fund applied.

Select the funding amount

Following are the steps to use your funds:

Step 1: When you add leads to the cart, a checkbox "Use Funds" appear to help you buy leads through your available fund.

Select the funding amount

Step 2: Select the "Use funds" checkbox and click on "Apply" button. The total invoice value is decreased by the available funds.

Select the funding amount

Step 3: Now click on the "Complete your order" button to complete the checkout process.

Select the funding amount



Following are the steps to use your funds:

Step 1: When you add leads to the cart, a "Use Funds" checkbox appears to help you buy leads through your available fund.

Select the funding amount

Step 2: Select the "Use funds" checkbox and click on the "Apply" button. The available funds decrease the total invoice value.

Select the funding amount

Step 3: Click the "Complete your order" button to complete the checkout process.

Select the funding amount


There are two ways to pause/unpause your leads.

1. Pause leads of each order separately.

To pause leads for each order separately, You can use the dedicated buttons given with each order in the order history list.

These buttons will tell you either your order is currently getting leads or not.

The orders with lead status paused will show a red button with the text "Paused". 

The orders with lead status active will show a green button with the text "Enabled".

You can click on the button to toggle the status of leads for each order separately.

how to pause leads of order?

2. Pause leads of all orders.

To pause all orders at once.

STEP 1: Go to the "Extra Settings" page.

How to pause orders?

STEP 2: Find the section that says "Pause All Leads." Choose "Yes" to pause all orders leads. "No" to unpause.

how to pause orders


All lead information is available to the back office.

In addition to the back office, web leads are delivered by email and SMS.

The live call leads are directly transferred to your phone. Once your call is finished or disconnected, a notification SMS is sent to your phone number.

Note No extra charges for SMS service.

Why Our Leads Are Superior?

Leads are our business, and your success is our goal.

Verified Phone Numbers.

We validate all mobile phone numbers via SMS, WhatsApp, IVR or Agent.

If you get a fake number, we'll replace the lead!

Validating Leads Phone Number
Prescreening every lead

Extensive Pre-screening for Every Lead.

We ask prospects a series of relevant questions.

As a result, you receive valuable data insights on every lead.

All Lead Quotas Guaranteed.

We guarantee you will receive your quota when you purchase a pack of leads at a fixed price, even if we lose money on the campaign.

Return & Replacements

Return & Replacements.

You pay only for qualified leads. You can handle rejected leads through your dashboard, which is processed within 24 hours.

That means zero struggles with rejected leads and no back-and-forth emails.

Dedicated Support Team.

Enjoy access to dedicated support and multiple help desk channels( ).

All requests are ticketed, and our support team responds within 24 hrs.

Dedicated Support Team
Dedicated Support Team

Real Time Redirection.

We redirect prospects to your official website, which means the prospect will reach you as soon as it comes to our system.

Every lead has agreed to receive your phone call and is curious about your legal plans.

Proven Track Record of Success

Certified Google Ads experts. We know what it takes to generate qualified leads for legal sales associates and lawyers.


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Live Phone Calls


Recruitment Leads


Lead Categories


Lead Buyers


Orders Completed

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