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  • Talk to Prospects Interested in Legal Plans and Opportunity.

    Specially designed campaigns to generate US and CANADA leads interested in legal plans membership and opportunity.

    PCQ qualify

    I achieved my company LegalShield sales goal today to PCQ qualify for 6 months thanks!

    Willie Love

    Independent Associate

    Legal Shield

  • Advance to next level with our leads.

    High-Quality Leads for the US and CANADA Membership, Recruitment, Small business, CDLP, Identity Theft, and Other Categories For Legal Associates.

    Become Sr. Director

    Thanks salesexpert team for your services to help me become Sr. Director.

    Betty Weems

    Independent Associate

    Legal Shield

  • Increase Conversion Rate. Build Your Business.

    Fast Start With Hot Phone Leads Now.

    By far Sales Expert is the best

    We have been using this company to build our business. We have searched companies all around to find the best way to find prospects to funnel into our business and by far Sales Expert is the best we have ever came across to help build our business.

    Richard Matthew Little

    LLC -Independent Associate

    Legal Shield

  • No Contract, Pay As You Go

    You don't need to add funds and stuck your money.

    Pay only for the number of leads you want to buy.

    I got promoted to senior manager promotion

    I want you to know that I got promoted to senior manager promotion I appreciate your team with the leads It's a win for both of us. :)✨💜⚖️

    Isaac Haynes

    Senior Manager -Independent Associate

    Legal Shield

High Quality Leads For Legal Sales Associates

Thank you for providing the Business Leads

I just want to thank you for providing the Business Leads more consistently. This is exactly what I have been looking for in your service! Thank you, you guys are doing amazing!!!

Turpin Hagues

Independent Sales Rep - Legal Shield

We will thank our team, "Never Going Back," and Team

Our team has hit our next goal with leads from Before them, this was not probably.
We are on the verge of hitting the highest level yet, and when we walk across that stage in our speech, we will thank our team, "Never Going Back," and Team
Thank you guys and gals for EVERYTHING.

Elijah'Isaiah X

Independent Sales Rep - Legal Shield

I definitely recommend

SalesExpert has the highest lead quality compared to ones I have used in the past.
Bobby's customer service is top rated; he listens to suggestions and takes immediate action to improve the quality of the leads.
I definitely recommend his company to anyone looking for leads.
Outstanding work!"

Independent Associate - Legal Shield


  • Real Time Delivery

    Real Time Delivery

    As soon as we receive a lead, we immediately transfer it to an associate matching the law area requested by the prospect. Read More

  • Only Exclusive Leads

    Only Exclusive Leads

    One to one approach. Leads are sold only once, No resale, No duplicates. Read More

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We don't assign leads that use negative words like "free" "pro bono" "legal aid" and other terms that lower quality. Read More

  • Quality Control

    Payment Method Defined

    In each lead we inform you payment mode selected by prospect. Read More

  • Lead Management System

    Lead Management System

    Manage your leads easily. Categorise with Folder (sold,call back,hot,cold) management.

  • SMS and Email Alert

    SMS and Email Alert

    Get real time information of leads via texts as well as email.

  • Auto Responder

    Auto Responder

    Set fully customizable Auto-responding email. Easy and quick to manage.

  • Control Lead Flow

    Control Lead Flow

    Pause and unpause leads flow anytime. Set a limit per day easily

  • Communicate easily

    Communicate Easily

    Send emails to prospects directly from backend.

  • Add Notes

    Add Notes

    Pen down detailed notes with each lead.

  • Get leads in selected states

    Select Your States

    Choose states in which you want to get leads. Select Licensed and non licensed states in one click.

  • Extra Leads

    Make Extra Leads

    Generate extra leads through our free lead generation webpages. Read more

  • Free Registration

    Free Registration

    No credit card required, Register here.

  • Track Your Leads

    Track Your Leads

    Keep track of your autoresponder emails. Get notifications whenever lead open or click your email. Read More.

  • Follow up and Reminders

    Follow up and Reminders

    Send followup emails and SMS. Create reminders for each prospect. Read More.

  • Phone Verification

    Phone Verification

    We try to verify almost every lead phone number by OTP, phone call, or requesting them to call back to confirm their phone number with us.

  • 10 days replacement policy

    10 Days

    We understand not all prospects turn into sales at the first attempt. Follow-ups are necessary, and you need ample time. Hence the 10 days replacement policy works for the best conversion rates.

Grow Your Business

We help you get things done faster and more efficiently than you usually would.

I am so glad I found SalesExpert

I am so glad I found SalesExpert they have helped my LegalShield business in ways I could never imagine.
Bobby takes good care of me. I have bought every type of lead he has to offer.
Prices are fair I will be a forever customer.
Thank you again Bobby for all that you do!
Keep up the Great Work!"

Dreama Humes

Independent Associate - Legal Shield

Learn more about the type of leads we offer

Affordable and Quality Leads

10 years of technical and legal leads generation experience.

Thank you so much SalesExpert team

We have been using this company to build our business.
We have searched companies all around to find the best way to find prospects to funnel into our business and by far SalesExpert is the best we have ever came across to help build our Legal Sales business. The leads are already interested in the services.
The one thing that stands out the most is SalesExpert is approachable has fair pricing as well as an awesome website to help grow our business hands down.
Thank you so much SalesExpert team for doing that thing you do.
From our family to yours SalesExpert team thank you we could not be as successful as we are without you."

Richard Matthew

Independent Associate - Legal Shield

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Achieve Your Monthly Targets

Lets Work Together.

Thanks I achieved my target goals for October thanks Bobby 🙂

Chicago, LS Associate

SalesExpert help me achieve target goals for 3 months straight which increased my production with Legal Sales!"

Shorewood, LS Associate

Real Time Redirection

We redirect prospects to your official website.

Your system with having our leads redirected on the official website is working tremendously!!!!
That is so huge for all of us in our company and business. This to work automatically without our efforts at all!!!

Executive Director

Small Business Consultant


Customer Service You Love

We hear you.

Very good customer service. :)
Most of all if you want to elevate your business to the next level.!!
They can get you there with there team.!!! 5 Stars.!!!! .

Legal Sales Associate


How Do We Improve The Lead Quality?

Phone Verification

Our team attempts to verify the phone number of each lead through OTP, IVR, and live agents.
We also request every prospect to revert back for phone number confirmation.

Lead Tracking

The email tracking system determines when a lead has opened your autoresponder and what links they have clicked, allows you to take appropriate measures at a proper time.

Follow-ups and Reminders

Our offered cost-effective follow-ups and reminder services help you follow prospects, increase conversion rate, and build long-term relationships with them.

10 Days

Replacement Policy

Not all leads take the same time to connect or convert. Hence you can place a replacement request within 10 days—the most extended replacement window than any other company.

All leads are Real-Time and Exclusive.

Bad Keyword Filteration applied.

No contracts. Cancel at any time.

No Hidden charges.

Note: You can select states after login.