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Phone Leads

Phone leads are potential customers directly calling you, asking about legal services and legal help.

The phone leads are generated primarily for the associates who want to sell legal plans or recruit new associates in their team.

How we generate phone leads?

The phone leads are generated directly through our ad campaigns we run on Google and other search engines.

Our ads inform prospects that it's a legal service or legal sales opportunity.

The phone lead generation process:

  • 1. Prospects looking for legal help or business opportunities see our ads informing them about the legal plan or legal sales opportunity with a call button to connect with a representative quickly.
  • 2. When a prospect clicks on the call button, the ad redirects them to an IVR that briefly instructs them about legal plan and asks them if they are interested in talking with a legal rep.
  • 3. The IVR also asks them if they have money for enrollment to legal plans.
  • 4. If prospects reply is yes, we connect prospect live call to you in real-time.
  • 5. We also send you an email about the prospect caller id immediately the call redirect to you.

No Duplicacy: We do not connect a prospect call to more than one associate. We check an incoming call in our database, and if we find it already connected to an associate earlier, we reconnect it again to that same associate phone.

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Identity theft: Hot Phone Call Leads

Live phone calls from prospects looking for Identity theft help. Specially generated for LegalShield and IDShield associates.

Min 10 leads
$20.00 Per Lead
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