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  • No Contract, Pay As You Go.
  • Pay Per Lead Service.
  • Genuine Leads Seeking Genuine Legal Help.
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  • Control Leads Per Day Limit.

The real-time legal leads generation through the Google Ads audience targeting feature.

These prospects are currently active online, seeking legal help, researching legal services, and actively considering lawyer help.

Prospects submit their details through our Google search ads and capture site.

Our capture site asks many questions about prospects' legal needs to qualify our quality checks. It helps us to send you hot leads with a high conversion rate. 

What do you get?

  • Receive web leads highly interested in legal services.
  • Exclusive real-time leads.

Leads delivery by SMS, email, Whatsapp, or ping/post. (email us your ping/post at info@salesexpert.me)

Available for :
Singapore Leads
Min. Qty 10
$39.00 Per Lead

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I just want to thank you for providing the Business Leads more consistently. This is exactly what I have been looking for in your service! Thank you,

Turpin Hagues

LegalShield Associate


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