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Negative Keywords

NOTE: Bad keywords list to filter out bad leads. We do not assign any lead that contains bad keywords in lead summary.

Negative Keywords
???probonopro bono
arrearagesfreereduce child support
child protective servicesdepartment of health servicesdepartment of child support services
division of family and child support serviceschildren youth servicesdepartment of family services
department of children and familiesadopted outcourt appointed attorney
can\'t afford to pay lawyerno source of incomeplaced with the state
placed with the statedon\'t have any moneyfalsified
unemployedass holefuck
dickheadlegal aidpro bono
legalaidprobonono money
i am brokei cannot payhomeless
no jobfree legalsocial security disability
can not affordno incomelow income
no jobunemployedstate assistance
limited incomei do not have moneydhs
department of humanchild protective servicesi am in jail
no bank accountno credit cardnot working
probonopro-bonodo not have any money
probonono source of incomeafford
can\'t afford lawyercan\'t affordi am disabled
can not workcant afordnot been able
to affordcannot affordcan not afford
can\'t payno employmenti do not have
don\'t havenot enough incomelegal advice
nothing leftlost my joblost job
pennilessnot employeddon\'t have much money
section 8contingencycontigency
have any moneysocial securitynot paying rent
no foodcourtalienated
custodymy cousin