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LegalShield Webpage/Email Promotion

Specially made for Legal Sales Associates

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to keep subscribers informed about your legal services. The tactic is very effective in connecting subscribers with legal sales associates.

Our email marketing strategy is a highly targeted and specific plan to attract and convert new leads.

    Excellent opportunity to promote your legal sales business.
  • Reach the right audience, at the right time. Target subscribers, still waiting for the legal representatives.
  • We email your profile and website link to subscribers.
  • Based on their requirements, subscribers may try to contact you through your website or your phone.

How does it work?

Daily we receive requests from 100s of subscribers to help them with their legal issues and connect with a legal provider or legal rep.

In reply, we send them an email that includes a legal representative profile picture, phone number and a website link. Something like this:

Visiting Card Demo
Fig.1 - Visiting Card Demo.

Effective email promotion for your business

Effective email promotion

We are now using New, Upgraded, Better platform for sending emails to your subscribers.

  • Lightning-fast email delivery.
  • Our built-in service protection helps remove email addresses that are no longer valid or have complained.
  • Higher deliverability: Lower the chances of email go to spam box.

Note: We do not guarantee any specific number of lead generation through webpage promotion plans. It may go up sometimes, and it may go down sometimes. The success rate of your webpage and email marketing can't be predicted in one month.

You can cancel/resume the order anytime. No hidden charges.

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Web page promotion basic plan

Send your profile to 100 subscribers per month.

We only send your visiting card to targeted subscribers looking for legal help.

No spamming- we only send emails to subscribers who provided consent to reach through email or text.

According to previous statistics, webpage promotion generates around 8 to 10 leads per order.

Note: We do not guarantee any specific number of leads through webpage promotion plans. It may go up sometimes, and it may go down sometimes.
The above numbers are collected based on email marketing campaigns we have been running for at least 5 months.

You should run your webpage promotion for at least two months to start receiving the maximum leads through email marketing.

All emails are sent through a good email reputation server to receive the maximum click-through rate.

You can cancel/resume the order anytime—no hidden charges.

Age of Leads: 0 – 30 minutes old.

You can select licensed and non-licensed states on extra settings page after login.

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