Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How help me?

    SalesExpert is for Legal sales professionals who “want leads (legal leads, membership leads, opportunity leads)” at affordable prices.
    At you can also generate free leads with the help of features and services we provide to your webpages.

  • 2. Are your legal leads real-time?

    YES. As soon as we receive a lead, it is immediately transferred to the associate matching the state requested by the associate.
    We NEVER stock leads for later or for manual distribution. Our leads are assigned to our associates within seconds while few (approx. 5%) of leads are held for quality check.

  • 3. Do you replace bad/wrong leads?

    Yes, we do replace verifiable bad leads like bad phone number, spam content, description saying probono, free etc. Use "replace" button given with every lead in "My Leads" section to send replacement request. ALL replacement requests must be submitted within' 3 days of lead delivery.
    SalesExpert verification department will confirm the reasons mentioned in your email for the bad lead, then send you the replacement.

  • 4. How you control lead quality?

    We understand “quality is your key to success” hence starts our quality control right from the beginning.
    We maintain a long list of lower quality words like “free”, “legal aid”, “no money”, “pro bono”, “free legal”, “cannot pay” and many more, filter out all leads that contain any of these words.
    Our initial ads that reaches the leads does not contain words and terms like “pro-bono”, “free” etc. which can lower the quality. Our credit return system also monitors for low quality patterns to improve the quality of leads.
    To make sure that you get only right combination of area code/prefix available in the US phone system, SalesExpert also uses 3rd party zip and phone verification softwares. We also have various other policies for quality assurance.

  • 5. Are your legal leads exclusive?

    Unlike other lead providers, we do not believe in 1 lead = many associates. Every lead is exclusive to us, hence we sell it only once. The moment we receive a new lead, we compare it with old leads that are on file for at least 30 days.
    Any lead having matching contact details (phone number or email id) is marked as duplicate and unqualified for distribution.

  • 6. How you deliver leads?

    In addition to the back office, all our leads are primarily delivered by email. We also share lead information via SMS.
    Note: NO Extra Charges for SMS service.

  • 7. What happen if ordered leads not delivered to me?

    No need to worry, we will refund your money. Your orders are backed by our full refund policy. See our refund policy here

  • 8. Do I need to pay extra money later?

    Absolutely No. Instead to get more leads you can upgrade your plans or order more quantity of same plan.

  • 9. How membership leads generated?

    On our network websites and phone calls we ask prospects whether they want to buy affordable legal plans membership? If there reply is yes, we confirm with them and change lead to membership.
    This way we are able to provide quality leads to Associates and Associates get high conversion rate.

  • 10. How extra leads generated by webpages?

    With each account on we provide free webpage. You can add template, your profile, your contact information on your webpage.
    we do email marketing of your webpage and send 2000 emails every month to our subscribers informing them about your webpage and profile. These subscribers visit your webpage and contact you for legal advice, membership or opportunity.

  • 11. How many extra leads my webpage can generate?

    On average your order quantity help you to generate 20-30% extra leads through webpage. If you order 20 leads, your webpage able to generate 3 to 7 extra leads. That means you paid for 20 leads but you get 23-27 leads with no extra charges. Isn't it good?
    Definitely more orders will help you to generate more free leads by webpage.

  • 12. How many webpages i can create?

    With each registered email you can create one webpage. You can register as many times.

  • 13. Do i need to tell each and everyone in my network about my webpage ?

    No, We are not looking to get help from you to generate leads for you. We are helping you to generate leads by the technical skils we apply to your webpage/s.

  • 14. How much time it take to create my webpage?

    Literally No time. Once registered, Your webpage is ready. However yes you can always change/add extra information on Settings page. like your profile name, phone, address, pic etc.

  • 15. How much time it take to generate extra leads from my webpage?

    Once an order is placed our promotional activities start in 2-3hrs. and extra leads generation start in approx. 4hrs.

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