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User Agreement

EULA agreement (End User Lic. Agreement).

I understand that SalesExpert.me is in the business of digital marketing and online advertisement. Collecting contact information from people seeking help/advice on services provided by different companies. On a fee based system provides that information to you.

I understand that SalesExpert.me can send my website, profile and services offered by me to generate leads for me.

I understand that SalesExpert.me cannot guarantee that the information supplies by person in lead, is correct information or understands anything beyond the fact they are seeking information related to the company services I selected.

I understand that SalesExpert.me cannot be responsible for conditions that effect website access such as internet/server outages and acts of God.

I understand that once a 'lead' is generated for me, I will be notified by email and text at the address on file only.

I understand that once a 'lead' is placed in my account and it's information is complete, SalesExpert.me obligation for the fee that was charged for that 'lead' is fulfilled.

I understand the replacement policy is applied to all leads except the leads generated through webpage or email marketing plans. However On request SalesExpert.me can help me to generate more lead on basis of ordered plan.

I understand that SalesExpert.me can modify this agreement as it is needed to provide in it's opinion a fair business service.

I understand that SalesExpert.me accepts fees with the understanding that this agreement is understood and accepted by the person consuming the service. If there are any monies that are charged back for any reason by the user, the restriction of this site will occur immediately to that user and all user rights of the site will be revoked.

I understand that SalesExpert.me considers the act of logging into an account at SalesExpert.me acceptance of this agreement.

I understand an account that has been sitting dormant for over twelve months will be considered inactive and all pending leads that have not been delivered will be discarded unless an email is received from the client requesting an extension.

I understand SalesExpert.me is not responsible to notify you of your dormancy nor of your account going inactive after or before the twelve month. If we receive an email from you at the email address that you had registered from requesting an extension, we will honor an additional 3 months before all leads must be used.

I understand that a full return of monies can occur if my order has not been approved or opened and leads have not yet entered into my account.