Why Buy Leads From SalesExpert.me?

#1 Reason:

Our capture pages and ads inform prospects about the cost of legal services.

That means every prospect already know about the legal services and its cost.

You just need to trigger the correct sales pitch.

We Offer Phone Verified Leads

This ensure that the leads we have are authentic.

We make use of Interactive Voice Response(IVR) to verify phone number of prospects filling their details on our capture websites.

Every prospect submitted his/her details receive an IVR phone call to verify their phone number.

This means you receive Real Leads

Our Leads Flow is Fast

Helps you get things done faster and more efficiently than you normally would.

Don't miss your monthly targets due to slow leads.....Not Any More!

Our lead flow remains consistent throughout the month and our smart algorithms automatically increase lead flow on your busy days.

Pro Tip: Make multiple small orders to make your leads flow Super Fast

Payment method defined

In each lead we inform you payment mode selected by prospect.

Asking prospects about there payment method clearly indicate them that they are not dealing with free legal service.

And what that means to you?

Apparently, you receive a lead that's looking for a paid service.

Quality Control

Quality leads is your key to success.

Our quality control starts right from the beginning of lead capturing process.

Phone verification, Email Address, and Zip code verification are few of them.

We maintain a long list of negative lower quality keywords and filter out all leads containing them.

Real Time Delivery

We never stock leads.

As soon as a lead hits our database, it is immediately available for members.

If qualified, the lead is assigned to an associate within a few seconds.

Only Exclusive Leads

1=1 always.

One to one approach. Leads are sold only once, No resale, No duplicates.

Every lead is exclusive.

We never sell a lead more than once.

We do not believe in one to many distributions. Once you receive a lead, rest assure only you have its contact details.

One lead One member ALWAYS.

Email Tracking

When prospect open or click your emails

Email tracking gives senders the capacity to measure the performance of mass or individual emails and assemble the data collected into a suitable form.

With the aid of email tracking, a sender has the capacity to determine if an email has been attained or not as well as the date and time it was opened or received.

Read more: How email tracking helps legal sales people?

Even More Feature Rich

More reasons to buy leads from SalesExpert.me

Lead Management System

Manage your leads easily. Categorise with Folder (sold,call back,hot,cold) management.

Email and SMS Autoresponders

Set fully customizable Auto-responding email.

SMS and Email Alert

Get real time information of leads via texts as well as email.

Control Lead Flow

Pause and unpause leads flow anytime.

Communicate Easily

Send emails to prospects directly from backend.

Add Notes

Pen down detailed notes with each lead.

Get Leads in Selected States

Choose states in which you want to get leads.

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